About Us


To enhance the dignity and quality of life of disenfranchised individuals and families in Mauritius by strengthening communities and the environment, by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. 


  • To be a model for social enterprise, inspiring and collaborating with other companies and organisations in Mauritius
  • To create a culture of giving 
  • To find innovative circular solutions to post-consumer waste 
  • To encourage inclusive employment practices across the island, to change the mindsets of the public around inclusivity and increase employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment.
Since December 2018
Operate three locations ---
Distribute items to over 45 NGO partners ---
Employ 25 people 60% of whom had a barrier to employment
Address Inequality
We bridge the inequality gap by providing quality second-hand goods at affordable prices to communities in need. We minimize a reliance on credit from traditional retailers which can cripple families. We provide useful items to local charities, eliminating inefficiencies that currently exist between donors and local NGOs. We employ individuals from disenfranchised communities and provide a living wage, fair benefits and opportunity for growth. We empower women in leadership and provide flexible employment opportunities.
Jobs and Training
Provide job training skills and opportunities to communities who face barriers to employment, including: Unemployed Young people finished with studies, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, people re-entering the workforce post drug rehabilitation, people re-entering the workforce post incarceration.
Extended the useful life of over 120,000 items<br /> Fostered relationships with 3 recyclers and in so doing, encouraged mindset of recycling fees from the consumer to responsibly recycle e-waste<br /> Developed a line of upcycled and repaired products, with prototypes in garments, furniture, house decor and other items<br /> Started a production workshop for recycled furniture, including design and quality control
Surplus Distribution
100% of the surplus of The Good Shop goes to the following:<br /> Scholarship fund for at-risk youth to obtain a premier primary and secondary education in Mauritius<br /> Investment capital in projects that further the mission, such as job training initiatives, upcycled products and entrepreneurial enterprises using donated goods<br /> Capital for next location

Board Of Directors

Goodwill Solidaire Ltd is governed by a non-executive Board of Directors
whose members serve voluntarily and receive no financial or other remuneration.

Board Member

Police Inspector at the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre. Darmen is also the co-founder and President of APPEL (Association Pour Personnes En Larmes), a charitable NGO running a rehabilitation centre for the homeless as well as training and empowerment programmes for vulnerable groups. With nearly 30 years in the service and varied experience as a telecommunication specialist in the Police Helicopter Squadron, Enquiry Officer, Police Prosecutor and now as Disaster Management Official, Darmen is also passionate about social work. He has been working towards the rehabilitation of addicts and homeless and heads APPEL since 2006. Besides having a specialisation in Telecommunications and now in Disaster Management, Darmen holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Technology, Mauritius.

Board Member

Managing Director of Aon Hewitt Ltd, an HR consulting firm in Mauritius and part of Aon worldwide. Bernard has more than 32 years’ experience advising pension and provident funds, multinational companies and international organisations. Bernard currently serves as the African continent’s representative on the Committee of Actuaries for the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund since 2007. He is also an independent non-executive director of a number of listed and other companies in Mauritius.  He is passionate to use his skills for social good in his country.

Board Member

Founder and Director of Lighthouse Primary and Secondary School, a non-profit private school in Mauritius. Prior to starting the school, Susanna managed group strategy for a large financial services and information technology group, Loita, focused on sub-Saharan Africa, and she currently serves on its Mauritian board. She holds a M.A. in International Relations and International Economics from Johns Hopkins University.  A dual US-Mauritian citizen, Susanna is interested in issues of social justice, politics and societal transformation.

Board Member

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Celero Group, a logistics and shipping agency group operating in Mauritius and Madagascar. Marc has also been active in various trade associations and boards, including the boards of a company pioneering freeport operations in Mauritius and the Mauritius Exporters Association. He currently serves on the board of CIEL.  He is a founding trustee of the Lighthouse charitable trust.