A Small Step For You May Be A Leap For Someone Else

how we change lives

How we are meeting our mission



Kept over 100,000 items out of the landfill through resale, solidarity partner (NGO) distribution, or recycling.


60% of our employees are “empowerment hires” meaning they may otherwise face a barrier to employment. We partner with Inclusion Mauritius, Etoile d'Espérance, schools and other solidarity partners to provide dignified employment.


A percentage of our reserve after operating expenses is given directly to a scholarship fund for primary and secondary school students.


A sustainable model for improving a community

The Good Shop is more than a charity and more than a business. We take a holistic approach to positive social impact.

We actively extend the life of goods and are investing in circular solutions for product renewal.

Our investment in education creates opportunity and innovation.

Our business creates jobs for the most vulnerable resulting in financial stability for the community.

The Triple Bottom Line – Our success is not measured just financially but rather through our positive impact in three areas: Environment, Employment & Education

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