Recycling E-waste

Recycling E-waste

Did you say recycling fee?

We all know that technology has become an important part of our lives. The constant improvement in the design of electronic devices means that A LOT of devices are becoming part of our waste.

Is it okay to just throw those devices away? NO. E-waste contains toxic chemicals like lead (which has not been allowed in petrol for years) and releases them in our beautiful land if not properly disposed of.

Toxic chemicals and gases damage the environment; continuously trying to mine raw materials already present in our old devices damages the environment. Recycling our e-waste is about protecting the planet from more destruction.

So what can we do? In our life and work, electronics are often essential, but we can try to use these devices for as long as possible. Extending the life of an item which still works (by yourself or someone else in the form of secondhand sales) has an impact on the environment in the form of less waste and a slower demand for new products. If a broken item cannot be repaired and used again, we still have the option of recycling. We, at The Good Shop, in partnership with BEM Recycling, are trying to make this important issue as convenient as possible.

“Why do I have to pay to have e-waste recycled, aren’t the parts valuable?”

  • Recycling E-waste is a very difficult and hazardous task. The machines needed are expensive and the people working there need to be trained and paid. Also, separating the raw materials from the toxic chemicals needs to be done in proper conditions so that the workers, the population, and the environment are not affected negatively. This takes energy and time.
  • A lot of materials used in obsolete devices are not needed anymore to make new devices. Devices today are smaller and plastics are not as valuable as they used to be; the raw materials obtained cannot necessarily be sold for enough money to cover the cost of the specialised recycling process.
  • Paying for recycling is a sign that the job will get done properly. When going to a car mechanic for example, we don’t ask why we need to pay for the job right? The recycling fee is a way to invest in a sustainable future for the loved electronic devices that serve us.

BEM Recycling is not asking for a Rs10000 investment right? At most, for really big appliances, the fee may be as much as Rs1600 (most items are between rs50 and rs400). A small price to pay to ensure the coming generations can live and thrive instead of struggling to survive. Worth it, isn’t it?

At The Good Shop, we really believe in a circular economy and we want to make it easier for you to recycle your e-waste.

You can now do your shopping, recycle your e-waste, and donate other items you no longer use at the same location! Let your e-waste join the other 274 tonnes of electronic devices that have been recycled by BEM Recycling since 2017.

It’s 2020; let’s all upgrade our ways. And don’t forget that “bo marse cout ser.”

Thanks to BEM Recycling for making it all possible.